MEET THE TEAMS: Köln - Germany

Koper soon will host great beach volleyball players from universities from 23 countries that will compete in 2019 European Universities Championship. We will introduce teams before the tournament. First, let's meet team from Koln.

Karolin Reich and Anika Wucherer will represent Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln. They answered 3 simple questions to help us know more about them.

What is your experience in beach volleyball? Do you have any success in your career that you want to tell about?

Normally we play with different partners outdoors. We were playing together in one team indoors once (Team: Snowtrex Köln 2.Bundesliga) and indoors we participated at EUSA games twice before. Karo is and was playing the national beachvolleyball geman tour (Techniker Beachtour). Anika's success: german mixed champion 2016 and german universities champion 2018.

What is your goal for the tournament?

We wish to perform great, but we also know that we won't have much experience as a team until EUC so we will do our best and see if it will work.

Do you know anything about city of Koper?

Not yet, we know that Koper is at the sea and near Italy, so we are curios to see the city and spend time there. :)