MEET THE TEAMS: Utrecht - Netherlands

Koper soon will host great beach volleyball players from universities from 23 countries that will compete in 2019 European Universities Championship. We will introduce teams before the tournament. Today, let's meet team from Utrecht.

Emma Rekar & Ana Rekar will represent Utrecht University. They answered 3 simple questions to help us know more about them.

What is your experience in beach volleyball? Do you have any success in your career that you want to tell about?
We play beachvolleyball together for 2 years now. In the national competition we play in the major league and we travel the whole country to participate in this competition. Our greatest experience so far was playing in the city of Groningen. The beachvolleyball court was build right in the centre of the city and we played a match against two girls from Groningen. It was very crowded, we played one of our best matches and won from this hometown team. Anyway, playing with your sister is the most amazing thing to do, we both love it! 

What is your goal for the tournament?
It is really hard to say something about expectations, because we really don't know any other team. The only expectations we have right now is that it's going to be an AWSOME tournament in which we hope to play our best matches.  

Do you know anything about city of Koper?

The only thing we really know about Koper is that in Italian it is called Capodistria and that it is close to Italy and Croatia. Although our father is from Slovenia, we have never visited Koper before, so we are really looking forward to experience the city.